Beautifully Balanced Living: Functional, Elegant, & Eco-Conscious

Welcome to Belle Terre: Where elegance meets practicality in home living. Our bedroom and kitchen collections are thoughtfully designed to harmonize everyday functionality with a touch of sophistication. At the heart of Belle Terre is our commitment to eco-friendly practices. We carefully select natural materials that are gentle on you and our planet to create our diverse range.

Looking for homewares that combine aesthetic appeal with sustainability? Dive into our collections and experience the charm of simplicity and quality.

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Discover Belle Terre's Eco-Friendly Bedroom and Kitchen Collections

Belle Terre is a rare combination of beauty and brains. We don't believe in sacrificing beauty for amazing function. Add sustainability and you have the perfect blend of beauty and brains.

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Indulge in Eco-Luxury Bedding

Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Luxury Bedding: Comfort meets sophistication in our eco-conscious bedding collection. From the soft touch of bamboo to the elegance of Turkish cotton, each item is a testament to nature’s bounty.

Elevate your sleep experience with our sumptuous 100% bamboo sheets, cooling mattress toppers, and luxurious Turkish cotton blankets. Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of natural elegance.

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Elevate Your Kitchen with Eco-Smart Elegance

Experience the Fusion of Functionality and Style with Our Eco-Innovative Kitchen Collection: Transform your kitchen into a space where sustainable practices meet sophisticated design. Belle Terre's kitchen range is a testament to our commitment to combining utility with beauty, all while respecting our planet. From stylish and sustainable food storage solutions to elegantly crafted kitchen accessories, every piece in our collection is designed to enhance your culinary experience.

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Good for You and The Planet

Join the Belle Terre Movement: A Harmonious Blend of Style and Sustainability

Our vision is to guide you in transforming your home into a haven where fashion and eco-friendliness intersect seamlessly. Our products, crafted with precision in Germany, feature natural dyes and come in sustainable packaging, reflecting our unwavering commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

Choosing Belle Terre means contributing to the wellness of your home, your loved ones, and our planet. Join us in a lifestyle where health, beauty, and ecological awareness exist inperfect synergy.

Our Mission

Good for your family and Mother Earth: Materials Made in Germany with sustainable packaging and printed with natural dyes, our products are harmless for your home, good for your family, and better for Mother Earth, protecting plants, soil, water, and animals as they compost


More Absorbent than Sponges without the Icky Smell

The combination of cellulose and cotton gives these super-absorbent sponge cloths the power to hold up to 20 times their weight in liquid, soaking up spills and splatters quicker than a regular sponge.


Good for Your Family and Mother Earth

Materials Made in Germany with sustainable packaging and printed with natural dyes, these cleaning cloths are harmless for your home, good for your family, and better for Mother Earth.


Outperforms Paper Towels

One of these Swedish dishcloths replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels; In addition to helping you save money and space, these reusable cloths clean messes better than paper towels


Clutter-Free Washing, Draining, and Drying

This silicone drying rack rolls out over your sink when you need it for washing, draining, and drying and rolls up out of sight when you don’t, clearing up valuable counter space and maintaining a clutter-free look for your kitchen


Revolutionary Patented Design

Unlike flimsy roll-up drying racks, ours is constructed from one solid piece of stainless steel so it won’t rust and easily supports up to 45lbs; Each steel rod is sheathed in smooth silicone, protecting against slipping or scratching; The rack is extra-long, measuring 20.5 inches x 12.7 inches to accommodate large farmhouse style sinks


The Ultimate Kitchen Sink Accessory

Transform your sink into an all-in-one headquarters for fast meal prep and even faster clean-up; This silicone rack endures heat up to 400° and can be used as an out-of-the-way trivet for hot pots or casserole pans, to rinse off veggies, or air dry dishes; It even includes a separate pouch for organizing silverware

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