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Swedish Dish Cloths

Efficient & Odor-Free Cleaning

Embrace superior absorbency with our Swedish Dish Cloths. Crafted from a unique blend of cellulose and cotton, these cloths are designed to absorb up to 20 times their weight in liquid, surpassing traditional dish sponges. Experience a clean kitchen without the worry of unpleasant odors.

Good for Your Family and the Planet

Our dish cloths, made in Sweden, prioritize your family's health and the planet's well-being. Utilizing natural dyes and materials, they are a testament to our commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle. These cloths are not just tools but a pledge towards a healthier home and a greener earth.

Outperforming Paper Towels

Our dish cloths redefine eco-friendly cleaning. Each cloth can replace up to 15 rolls of paper towels, offering a large cleaning surface with unmatched efficacy. Embrace the dual benefits of saving money and reducing waste. Once their lifecycle ends, simply compost them for a zero-waste solution.

Silicone Drying Rack

Simplify Cleaning with Clutter-Free Solutions

Our silicone drying rack offers a seamless kitchen experience. Designed to roll out over your sink, it simplifies washing, draining, and drying tasks. Roll it up to reclaim your counter space, promoting a tidy and functional kitchen environment.

Innovative Design for Maximum Efficiency

Belle Terre's roll-up drying rack features a patented design, combining rust-resistant stainless steel with a smooth silicone coating to prevent slips and scratches. The dish rack for the sink supports up to 45 lbs in weight and measures 20.5 x 12.7 inches.

Heat-Resistant, Multi-Functional Dish Dryer Rack

Turn your kitchen sink into a multi-functional hub with our silicone sink dish rack. Its heat-resistant properties make it the perfect cooling rack, withstanding up to 400°F so you can use it as a trivet for hot pots and pans. Organize your silverware effortlessly in its dedicated compartment, enhancing your kitchen’s efficiency.

Kitchen Accessories

Explore Our Curated Range of Kitchen Essentials

From the Modular Cheeseboard to the versatile Swedish Dish Cloths, our collection caters to all your kitchen needs, whether you're cooking, cleaning, storing, or serving.